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Dominica Citizenship by Investment
through Real Estate Option

Investment of $200,000 for 5 years only
Like many other projects similarly being developed Vital Developers will greatly enhance Dominica export ready home room stock by 72 rooms. The luxury boutique resort will compliment Dominica’s natural attractions and eco-friendly environment…
Senator Hon. Robert Tonge,
Dominica Minister for Tourism and Culture
Visa Free Travel Advantage to Over 130 Countries
Tax Friendly Environment
Citizenship for Life, that passes on to generations
Dual Citizenship Allowed
No Residency, Interview or Visit Requirements
Receive Citizenship in 2-3 Months

Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa is an unrivalled Government approved real estate investment opportunity under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

As an ecofriendly resort, Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa was conceptualized to wonderfully blend into Providence Estate at Laudat, Roseau Valley in Dominica.

Since the introduction of the real estate option for Citizenship by Investment in 2015, Dominica has been validated as having the number one investment program for second citizenship.

Featuring an attractive suite of countries for visa-free entry, a modern fully computerized online application filing system, a specialized Unit charged with the responsibility of processing applications, and citizenship for life, Dominica Citizenship by Investment through the real estate option has indeed optimized its brand to a gold standard and deserved international recognition.

Without a doubt, naturalizing as a Dominican citizen under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program by acquiring a Preferred Share in Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa Inc. is a value driven investment and a prudent choice.

Freely resell your Preferred Share after 5 years and retain Dominica Citizenship for life!
Pass it on through generations!
Secure your family’s future and yours!

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Additional Highlights

No. 1 Spot Globally

Longevity and quality create a synergy in Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program.

Consequently, the No. 1 spot has been won on various occasions, such as in June, 2016 when Dominica won Best Caribbean Citizenship Program at the Russian Citizen Awards…

…in June 2017 when again the island was ranked Number One out of 11 countries in the CBI Index of the Financial Times Professional Wealth Management Magazine,

… and once more in 2018, by PWM in a special report entitled ‘A Guide to Global Citizenship’; this time featuring 13 countries.

Secure Ways to Apply

Dominica offers an authorized agent system for facilitating citizenship by investment applications.

We welcome applications for Dominican citizenship through investments in Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa directly through this website, as well as through Government approved agents based both in Dominica and internationally.

We also invite professional firms specializing in immigration, second citizenship, legal services, wealth management and business consultancy to contact us and discuss different opportunities for collaboration that will benefit their clients.

The Sanctuary Shareholder Advantage

True Value

Applicants acquire Dominica Citizenship through investment of $200,000 in Preferred Share of Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa Inc.

Dividend Benefits

Investors earn income through dividends which will be distributed annually

Return of Investment

Investor is able to resell Preferred Share after 5 years and still retain Dominican citizenship, while new investors qualify to apply for Dominican Citizenship upon purchase of resold Preferred Share

Investor Privileges

Investor are entitled to Resort accommodation and facilities free of charge 1 week during high season or 2 weeks during low season, plus 25% discount from current rates for additional accommodation or longer stays

Environmentally Sound

Sanctuary Rainforest Resort and Spa is your contribution to modern climate resilient structure, designed to withstand earthquakes and Category 5 hurricane force winds

Impact of Your Investment

Investor can be proud that by acquiring Preferred Share in Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa as a new Dominican Citizen he/she significantly contributes to the development of the country's economy and create permanent jobs

Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa Real Estate Option Government Fees

The following are Government fees to be paid in addition to $200,000 investment in Sanctuary Rainforest and Eco Resort Preferred Share.

Government processing fee $1,000
Due diligence (Main Applicant) $7,500
Due diligence (Dependent 16 yrs and over) $4,000
Certificate of Naturalization $250
Plus one of the Government fees below depending on size of your family:
Single Applicant $25,000
Main Applicant with up to 3 dependants $35,000
Main Applicant with up to 5 dependants $50,000
Main Applicant with up to 6 dependants $70,000
To calculate and receive your personalized price quote, please use Investment Calculator!